Try stylish aromatherapy

Try stylish aromatherapy

First, the basic introduction of aromatherapy massage Aromatherapy massage can be defined as the essential oil replacement therapy proposed from herbs, trees and plants.

Today, most aromatherapy masseuses use about 40 different fragrances (single or a combination of different essential oils) to reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and promote mental well-being.

Usually, the whole body is covered with perfume mixed with neutral essential oils (such as vegetable essential oils) during the massage. The essential oils can also be added to bath water or inhaled.

  There is no scientific evidence to prove that aromatherapy massage itself has medical effects, but it has been proven that aromatherapy massage can promote the effect of treatment when used with other forms of medication. For example, one study found that orange smellPatients who massage their feet with essential oils are less worried than those who do not.

  Second, the type of aromatherapy beauty aromatherapy massage aromatherapy massage is the use of essential oils on the hair and added to moisturizers.

About 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were considered the first to use beauty oil for beauty, and thus became the first aromatherapy masseuse.

  Psychological aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to bring people into a certain emotional state and mood, whether it is the desire to relax, inspire or a pleasant memory.

In this case, the clear oil is usually absorbed directly, or sometimes indirectly penetrates into the massage room.

  Psychological aromatherapy is similar to perfume science. Perfume production factories study the effects of natural and artificial fragrances.

Psychotherapy aromatherapy is distinguished from perfume science by the use of natural essential oils alone.

  Aromatherapy is the most common method used by aromatherapy masseuses.

The purpose of combining aromatherapy with massage is to relax customers.

Masseurs of military aromatherapy massage must be proficient in massage and understand the essential oils of different properties.

Therefore, aromatherapy masseurs must undergo extensive training.

  Medicinal aromatherapy is the recognition of the health effects of essential oils in the treatment of clinical medical diagnosis.

Massaging patients with essential oils during surgery is a useful practical example of medicinal aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy in this area is the specialty of Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, the originator of modern aromatherapy.

  The olfactory aroma inhales the essential oil or other essential oils directly into the air for inhalation.

  Third, the common treatment method is to apply directly. Direct application is to apply the essential oil to the skin surface and use the skin to absorb to achieve the effect.

This therapy must add another essential oil as a carrier, such as vegetable essential oils, and safflower essential oil is often used as a carrier essential oil.

The essential oil is applied to the whole body by massage.

Some essential oils have specific effects on certain parts of the body, just like Diego essential oils can reduce joint and muscle pain.

Remember to keep your eyes out of essential oils when applying directly.

  Inhaling inhaled essential oils is sometimes recommended for nasal congestion caused by colds, flu, chronic sinusitis, or bronchitis.

This treatment includes adding a few drops of the essential oil (usually eucalyptus or pine oil) into boiling water, which can be absorbed by steam; or a few drops of the essential oil into a handkerchief and compacting it under a pillow; it can also be simplePlace the essential oils 6 to 8 inches from the nose to recover.

In order to reduce the concentration of aroma used, some people like to make the aroma of essential oils volatilize throughout the room.

  Aromatherapy bath Aromatherapy bath is to add essential oil to the bath water, so that the essential oil penetrates into the skin.

For best results, add 8 to 5 drops of essential oil when the water stops stirring.

When using the aroma bath, the use of soap will affect the effect of the aroma bath.