Long-term unclean pillows can easily induce allergies

Long-term unclean pillows can easily induce allergies

Skin allergies can’t be cured for a long time, and it may be just the retinopathy caused by your pillow has not been washed for a long time.

There have been experiments conducted on the Internet. A buckwheat skin pillow that has not been washed for several years has dust in the millions and millions of spores hidden in the pillow. The most common is Aspergillus.

Frequent use of unwashed pillows may indeed induce a variety of diseases, such as allergic rhinitis and hypertension.

  Children’s skin allergies and pillows are related to a 5-year-old child who has an itchy nose before the onset of winglets, and especially loves sneezing.

A few days ago, a red dot appeared around the corner of his eye, and his parents took him to the hospital for treatment.

After questioning the condition and related examinations, the doctor finally thought that the symptoms of winglet may be related to the pillow used for a long time.

  It is reported that Xiaoyi’s buckwheat husk pillow has been used for several years, basically has not been dried in the sun, coupled with the room bias, which has caused skin allergies.

  Why do pillows not be cleaned or replaced in time can cause allergies?

This is because the sweat stains and scalp oil secreted by the scalp during the sleep of the citizens will dip the pillows over the years, and the stuff filled in the pillow core generally has the characteristics of moisture absorption, so the dirt that penetrates into the pillow core can easily breed bacteria in the surrounding environment., Especially AIDS.

In addition to the parasite itself, what is more harmful to human health is the excrement of the parasite. For people who are allergic, it may cause complications such as allergic diseases, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis.

  Cleaning methods for various types of pillows: 1. Chemical fiber pillows are a kind of ordinary man-made fiber pillows. Since the material of the chemical fiber is not very breathable, it will easily deform and agglomerate due to long-term use.

  Cleaning method: hand wash, machine wash, but choose a mild wash.

When washing machine, it is best to add a towel together to balance the water flow.

Drying after washing will help the pillow to recover elasticity and be soft and fluffy.

  2. The latex pillow has good elasticity, is not easily deformed, and has strong support.

According to reports, for children whose bones are developing, latex can change the shape of the head, and there will be no sensitive sources such as dust and fiber that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation.

  Cleaning method: Soak in cold water with detergent, and gently press the pillow with your hands until it is clean. The excess washing liquid must be squeezed out.

Then rinse with water and rinse repeatedly until rinsed.

  3. The feather pillow has a better fluff, which can provide better support to the head, and it will not be deformed by using it for a long time.

And down has the advantages of light weight, breathable and not stuffy (YiQIg.


  Cleaning method: feathers are very easy to ball when they meet water, so this pillow cannot be washed under water.

Pat the pillows frequently with your hands to keep them fluffy, and get a hair dryer in a ventilated place to remove sweat and moisture.

Dry cleaning can also be done.

  4, other types of pillows are mainly tea pillows, activated carbon pillows, bamboo charcoal pillows, Maifanshi pillows and so on.

  Cleaning method: The health pillow cannot be washed, and washing will reset the loss of efficacy.

The correct method is to pat the pillow, which can restore the original shape, and place it in a ventilated place to avoid exposure to the sun.