Stay away from soft-pack juice drinks. Sugar is more likely to induce hypertension than salt.

Stay away from soft-pack juice drinks. Sugar is more likely to induce hypertension than salt.

Everyone knows that absorbing too much sodium can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Studies have also found that eating too sweet can also induce hypertension, and eliminating sugar is more likely to cause hypertension than the salt index.

Of course, some people with the above two bad habits are at greater risk of developing hypertension.

  Studies have found that feeding rats with sugar and sugar affects their sympathetic nervous system, leading to faster heartbeat, increased adrenal hormone secretion, and increased renin sodium content, which leads to increased vascular endothelial growth, which further causes high blood pressure under their interaction.occur.

Other studies have shown that 10% to 25% of people who absorb sugar are from sugar, and those who convert 10% of sugar from sugar have a 30% increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease; and more than 25% of people, the risk is even moreThree times higher.

  In addition, fructose can cause vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure.

Any sugary beverage, including carbonated beverages, fruit drinks, lemon juice, and beverages with converted sweeteners (100% fruit juice made from fruit) is harmful to blood pressure.

Drinking an additional jar of fructose-containing beverages every day will make progressive compression1.

Add 6 mm Hg and diastolic pressure.

8 mm Hg.

  Sugary soft-packed beverages with excessively high ends can cause blood pressure to rise.

The large amount of income is also easy to worry about, which is also an important risk factor for cardiovascular.

If you value your body’s persistence, call yourself a sugar-free beverage, some kind of water, which is healthier.

  A reasonable diet is the foundation of health, and poor eating habits and hobbies can affect human health and even lifespan.

Hypertension is a disease that is closely related to eating habits and living habits.

Please keep in mind that absorbing too much sodium can easily lead to high blood pressure, and too much sugar is at higher risk for high blood pressure.