Gan can hurt the spleen, the child has a fever and eats less sugar

Gan can hurt the spleen, the child has a fever and eats less sugar

When you have a cold and fever, digestive juice secretion decreases, digestive enzyme activity decreases, slow movements, and digestive dysfunction often manifest as decreased appetite.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “gan can hurt the spleen”. At this time, if you let your child eat too many sweets, you can consume a lot of vitamins in the body.

When the human body lacks these vitamins, saliva in the mouth decreases, and appetite is worse.

Especially before meals, if eating sugar breaks down, it will cause blood sugar to rise, which will cause children to lose their sense of obesity, and do not want to eat when eating.

  Eating too many sweets will reduce immunity.

A large number of sweets are rich in sucrose, fructose and other ingredients. When human blood sugar exceeds a certain level, the following two situations will occur: one is the rapid growth of pyogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, and skin infections such as scabies; twoIt is when the sugar is broken down in the body that it will produce a lot of acidic metabolites such as formaldehyde and lactic acid, making the body appear acidic.

The acidic constitution is completely susceptible to infection and may cause other childhood diseases, such as osteomalacia, beriberi, chronic indigestion, irritability, etc., and even severe immune system diseases.

  When children have a cold and fever, they should rest and drink more water to cool down and excrete harmful substances in the body. The diet should be light, easy to digest, and nutritious.