The black truth that white-collar workers must understand_1

The “black” truth that white-collar workers must understand

There was a young female employee in the company. Many people said that this person was not good. They were too motivated to see people talk and talk to people.
But the director of the company’s human resources department promoted her to be a public relations manager.
But before he was promoted, he had a conversation with the female staff member. The manager said: In fact, there is nothing wrong with seeing what people say. The problem is that you make others aware of your insincerity.
And your original idea was to achieve a good purpose, to make yourself a person that you like and trust, but obviously your purpose has not been achieved, which means that your mind is holding you back.
  Now this female employee has become an excellent public relations manager. She can deal with all kinds of relationships appropriately, but it will not make people feel smooth and sophisticated.
In my opinion, she is gradually cultivating from the low-end position to the high-end city.
  If someone complains to you that her boyfriend is not good for her, and beat her and scold her for spending her money to eat her and drink her but it is simple and rude to her, would you immediately persuade them to break up?
I had done such a stupid thing when I was young and ignorant. Later, the two of them got married. I went to Daoxi, and I got the red envelope and the white eyes.
  Another time, a friend complained to me about how bad her boss was to her. I believed her words and was sincere, so I heartily told her what would happen to me if I met such a boss.As a result, after a few days, I heard rumors on the rivers and lakes, which probably means how she did n’t have a city government. As a result, she became a lamb slaughtered in the unit, and how I am a city government—as ifShe would rather be a lamb to be slaughtered than sacrifice her purity.
That little gesture, two points naive, three points innocent, and a few stubborn.
And I, the whole side is foiled.
  I looked in the mirror for a long time, and I was not a person inside or outside, so I made up my mind, where I fell and where I got up, so I learned to smile and listen-that friend came to me again, who said who was ungrateful, crossed the river to tear down the bridge, and said who whoKilling cooked, whoever can’t hold her back, I smile all the time, just listening, she is still saying: Why do bad guys always gain momentum?
What about someone like me who can’t play with my eyes?
I can’t help myself: it’s two different things to not play with the eyes and play with the clever.
  She was stunned, angrily, and said to me: I knew that your city was so deep, I really didn’t need to tell you this.
  So I know my city is not deep enough. If it is deep enough, how can you see it?
  Women’s castles are a double-edged sword: People have always had an understanding that women do not have castles is an advantage, and women who do n’t have castles prefer men.
Do not believe you on the rankings of major websites to see, “Women who hate men in the N category”, “Women with City House” must be in the top three.
But if a woman without a “sword” is in danger, in addition to begging the other party not to pull the sword, or have a pair of scud legs, is there any other way?
Chengfu is actually a martial art of women’s self-defense. You can use it, but you can’t.
  Learn to enjoy the beauty of complexity. The world has never been as simple as we thought, and the complex world is not as ugly as we think.
Since you can’t curl up in a safe shell all day, why don’t you want to face up and adapt to this world?
Once we understand that the world is complex and human nature is complex, we have tolerance and wisdom, and the city government can let us walk among them.
  A woman with the ability to judge the situation and the city government should understand her position and decent words and deeds in this position.
The fledgling LINDA once was rushed to shake hands when the big boss came to inspect and was introduced by the department manager for two years.
Everyone is motivated and wants to get ahead, but with the city government, we can do words and deeds that are consistent with our identity, when to move forward, when to avoid, to speak, and to be silent.
  Looking at yourself with other people’s eyes In today’s society, saying that a person “doesn’t understand” is a very serious negative evaluation.
The so-called “sensible” is to have a city government: the world is friendly, the rules are polite, and to put it bluntly is to stand in the position of others to perceive your words and actions.
If you can only see the interests of a small party right now, you can only make others disgusted. What is a “win-win”?
  兵不厌诈  职场、情场都已演化得像战场一样,而城府就是积累王道的才能,度量,谋略和权威的同时,也吸诡道的机智与变通,在自身实力并无绝对优势的情况下,通过选择Various means such as opponents, hidden strength, and unexpected soldiers to achieve the ultimate victory.
It has nothing to do with morality.
  There is no way to get out of Xintuo flexibly, and women with the city government will not drill the horns.
She knew when to persevere and when to yield.
I won’t be upset, nor will I fool for that “one breath”.
Keep your mind flexible and curious, keep your agility and vision long-term, and always leave yourself a trail.
  高端的城府是回归纯真  鲁菜中有一道经典的“开水白菜”:高汤历练,文火焙烘,再蓖去沉淀,看似清澈见底,但所有精华都浓缩在汤水中,口感淳厚,回味无穷.
The woman with the most city government is able to see everything, take the essence, go to complex, calm down when things go wrong, and more importantly, maintain a relaxed and simple attitude in this calmness and calmness.
  Not every woman can cultivate the highest-level city government, just like not everyone who learns martial arts can become a master-she must be clever and suffer, and at the same time, she must have sufficient kindness, sensitivity, and wisdom to be able toAfter mastering all the skills, he is still upright and pure, and is attached to the love and life here.