Say goodbye to scalp smelling hair and pleasant aroma


Say goodbye to scalp smelling hair and pleasant aroma

Summer is here. When the weather is hot, many people sweat, and even their hair loves oil, and they are prone to odor.

Want to keep your hair away from greasy and odorous, pleasant aroma?

Let me tell you about it!

Let’s say goodbye to summer hair and smell!

  The odor of the scalp is related to the health of the scalp in addition to external environmental effects. Especially for people with oily hair, they secrete strong oil and attach it to the hair. With sweat, a grime will appear between the hairtaste.
Therefore, to keep the hair fresh and pleasant, scalp care is a key factor that cannot be ignored.

  Self-test for scalp maintenance: Want to know if you are oily?

Through the following self-test, you can find the answer.

  Hair always feels burdened and yellowish in color.

  Hair always collapses, making it difficult to create a fluffy feel.

  If I do n’t wash my hair one day, I feel that my hair is oily and greasy, and my hair starts to smell.

  Like to eat spicy, stimulating, fried food.

  If there are 3 or more of the above, you are oily scalp.

It is easy to cause too much oil secretion, which will lead to unbalanced scalp health and odor, so it is recommended that you wash your hair frequently to keep the scalp fresh and not greasy.

  Oily scalp hair is refreshing 5tips tips1: Wash your hair every day. If you ca n’t do it, you should wash it at least every other day.

  tips2: Use a refreshing shampoo and less moisturizing shampoo. If the hair ends are dry and split at the same time, it is recommended to use different shampoos for scalp and hair ends.

  tips3: Just wash your hair with warm water. Although the excess water can penetrate the oil instantly, the loss of scalp moisture will accelerate the production of head oil.

  tips4: Remember that the conditioner should not touch the scalp directly, just wipe it on the end of the hair.

  tips5: Reduce the frequency of hot hair. It is best to leave every hot hair half a year apart. It ca n’t be done, and the bottom line can’t be separated by 1 month.

  What if you do n’t have an oily scalp and you want to keep your hair smelling?

  Method 1: Do your hair care and isolation work well beforehand, knowing that you will go to a place with a strong taste on the day, such as a barbecue place, a confined space where friends smoke, you must do defense work beforehand.

After shampooing, remember to use the conditioner and leave it on the hair for 3-5 minutes to completely moisturize the hair, repair the expanded hair scales and keep them in a closed state, which can improve the hair quality and dissolve frizz.Your hair adsorbs too much odor molecules in the air.

  10-20 minutes before going out, spray on the whole head with isolation spray and other products. Not only can short hair hurt by ultraviolet rays, but also isolate hair from odors such as oily fumes in the air, so that hair stays fresh.

  Method 2: Spray the essential oil and go out for a meal at noon. The hair immediately absorbed the smell of hot pot, hot and sour soup, etc. Everyone who came back to the office guessed what you just ate?

If you want to refresh your hair, you can prepare a bottle of essential oil spray (mix a few drops of essential oil into purified water) in the office, whether it is tea tree, sweet orange or any other taste, just spray it on your hair and letThe essential oil water falls freely on the hair, which can quickly reduce the odor of the hair.

If the taste is very serious, try a dry-cleaning spray. It only takes 5 minutes to remove the odor from your hair and solve the problem of greasy hair, like washing your hair thoroughly once.