Chinese medicine says delaying aging starts with kidney

Chinese medicine says delaying aging starts with kidney

补肾食疗方  母鸡炖牛尾  [原料]牛尾500克,母鸡肉300克,鸡汤1 000毫升,葱、姜、料酒、花椒、猪油、盐、味精适量.

  [Efficacy]Nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, filling essence and blood.

  [Application]It is suitable for kidney yang deficiency, weakness caused by insufficient liver and blood, weak waist and knees, weak muscles and bones, premature ejaculation of yang deficiency, elderly waist and knee pain, dizziness, etc.

  [Information]Oxtail is the best product in beef. The beef tendon contained in the oxtail is rich and rich, so it has better liver and kidney and strong bones and bones effect.

This medicated diet uses oxtails and hens, which strengthens the function of tonifying qi and benefiting qi.

  五元补鸡  [原料]母鸡1只,桂圆肉30克,荔枝肉30克,黑枣30克,莲子肉30克,枸杞子30克,冰糖30克,料酒、精盐、葱、姜等调料适量。  [Efficacy]Yiqi and blood, nourishing yin filling essence.

  [Application]Suitable for weakness of qi and blood, physical weakness after illness, etc.

Healthy people can increase nutrition after eating, increase appetite, and strengthen the body.

  [Informal]This dish is light red, sweet and salty, delicious meat, tender and delicious, rich in nutrients, for nourishing dishes.

“Suisuiju diet spectrum”: “Chicken tonic, warm stomach, strong bones and bones, continued trauma, blood circulation and menstruation, support the kidney, stop the collapse zone, urination frequency, aortic posterior condyle”.

Longan meat replenishes qi and blood, nourishes the spleen, soothe the nerves; lychee meat replenishes qi and blood, replenishes qi and spleen Qi; black jujube replenishes qi, strengthens the spleen, and stomach; lotus seeds nourish the heart, nourish the spleen, nourish the kidney;

The above-mentioned flavors are boiled together to form five yuan tonic chicken, which has the functions of nourishing the five internal organs, nourishing qi and blood, and nourishing and strengthening dishes.

  芪杞鲫鱼汤  [原料]鲫鱼1条,黄芪30克,枸杞子30克,香菇20克,冬笋20克,葱、姜、料酒、精盐、味精等调料适量。  [Efficacy]Nourishing Qi and Yang, nourishing liver and kidney, relieving swelling and swelling.

  [Application]It is suitable for fatigue and edema, dizziness, softness of waist and knees, and deficiency of spleen and food.

  [Informal]The bonito soup is commonly used, not only delicious, rich in nutrition, but also beneficial to health.

As described in “Yi Lin Compilation Essentials”: catfish is gentle, can carry water without being dry, and can nourish the spleen, but it is valuable.

It is mainly used for diuresis and treatment of edema; adding astragalus has the effect of nourishing qi and yang, and diminishing edema; and Chinese wolfberry nourishing liver and kidney.

Function qi and yang, nourish liver and kidney, spleen and water.