The most tide cleansing method to help you remove pores and dirt


The most tide cleansing method to help you remove pores and dirt

The foam has a lot of effects. Don’t look down on those small foams when washing your face. He can help you take away many of your unexpected worries. Hurry up with me to try and help you see the unexpected results.

  Foam cleansing has many advantages: 1.

It can penetrate deep into the pores and dissolve stubborn dirt and oil.


Convenient and easy to use, reducing the contact between hands and face during cleansing, so as to avoid irritation or sensitivity caused by excessive friction.


The dense cleansing foam can penetrate into the pores, automatically dissolve dirt and balance oil secretion.


The cleansing foam can take away too much oil, effectively reducing the appearance of blackheads, acne and acne.

  Teach you to use cleansing soap: 1.

Oily skin can be used on the entire face. Sensitive or combination skin can be used in the T position.


Moisten the palm of your hand first, apply a cleansing foam to the palm of your hand, and then apply foam to your face for cleaning.

The density of the foam can be based on the fact that the palm cannot touch the skin on the face. By relying on the thick foam, the dirt in the pores can be gently brought out. Remember not to take too long to massage.

  Teach you to use foam cleansing cream: 1.

To thoroughly cleanse, the procedure should be massaged from top to bottom and circularly from the inside to the outside, so you should clean your forehead and nose first, then your chin and jaw.


Foaming with a cleansing net or sponge can increase the fineness of the foam without affecting the cleansing power.

  Teach you to cleanse mousse with foam: 1.

Do not think that increasing the amount can compress more foam, too high concentration will irritate the skin.


Sufficient water should be provided for foaming. If you feel that there is not enough water and the foam is not enough, you should add less water instead of more cleansing products.