Skin-trained elastic band fit


Skin-trained elastic band fit

The nature of their work determines that they do not spend much time in the office, but run around outside, which makes their skin more prone to fatigue.

And Kuxia took the lead, ran, exposed, and turned black and white to make their pursuit of beauty more special and more thoughtful.

Maybe the situation they encountered is extreme, but we can steal those beautiful ideas from a beautiful stunt they have trained in harsh environments.

  The trapeze skin training has elastic band adaptability skin state: Xiaoxiao is a reporter from CCTV, often flying around between several cities. Suddenly the humidity is heavy, and the sun is suddenly dry. The rapid change of the environment makes herThe skin is too late to adapt, becomes fragile, sensitive, and rashes?


But the woman sitting opposite me on the day of the interview was a woman with very shiny skin. She said that she had been fighting for the adaptability of the skin. Now the skin is somewhat elastic and can stretch and face the environment easily.

  Appearance: Xiaoxiao CCTV reporter Pisces 1.

After finishing the night, she instantly regained her eyes. When she met: she would stay up all night when she was a media reporter, especially when she was a TV reporter. During the Olympic Games, Xiao Xiao continued to fight on the front line. After the interview, she returned to the station to make a film.There will be fine lines and puffiness for trouble.

  To cope with this: she doesn’t respect the lean and rich eye cream, which will cause faecal particles if not used. This Chanel youthful vitality eye cream will pump just enough for both eyes, and the gel texture is very light.I can absorb it next time. I use this when I’m working all night, and my eyes instantly return to glory without seeing burnout. My husband will not be too worried to see her.


Refreshing lip balm turned into repairing lip mask. When she encountered: Xiaoxiao went to Hainan to interview Boao Forum a few years ago, she stood in the sun for a long time, her mouth became dry, and she felt tired after using some lip balm.No way.

  To deal with it this way: She originally went for the sun protection value of Arden lip balm, but later used the experience: it will be very refreshing, completely non-greasy, and sun protection value, as a protection messenger; if the mouth is very dry or crackedApply a little thicker when you fall off, and then put your lips together for a while, just like making a lip mask. Do this 3 or 4 times a day, and it will be fine the next day.


The city changed from south to north to take it to save the sensitive muscles. When she met: Xiaoxiao would go to the plateau to interview every year, but it was very dry, itchy, red, and it became very obvious.

Friends from the South who came to Beijing encountered similar situations.

  To deal with it this way: At this time, she will take out sisley’s all-around lotion to rescue the driver. The condition of dry skin is enough to improve, and if redness occurs, it will be greatly relieved.

Xiao Xiao strongly recommends that people with sensitive skin use it when changing from south to north. She suggests that it is best to use a plant lotion to make its botanical essence to the fullest.


Whitening mask used to transform into a magic weapon after exposure. When she met: as a reporter, Xiaoxiao often broadcast live. Do n’t think that she became the next few minutes we saw on TV. From debugging equipment to broadcasting, she often stays in the sun.It is 2 or 3 hours, and the skin will be hot when exposed to the sun.

  To cope with this: she will take off her makeup as soon as she finishes her work, and apply two pieces of Fancl’s whitening and spotting mask, 15 minutes apart, to allow the skin to absorb it.

This mask, which was used by others for routine maintenance, made her discover the advantages of first aid.

This mask is very gentle, no addition will not irritate her sensitive skin, the key is that the moisturizing effect is still good.


Dry and tanning is not enough to use sunscreen alone when she encounters: Xiaoxiao goes to Tibet and interviews in Qinghai every year. Her skin is particularly susceptible to allergies, including the whole body’s skin. She went to patronize her face for the first year.As a result, a red rash appeared on the wrist and neck.

  If you go out for a long time, in addition to sunscreen, she will definitely apply this Avene moisturizing body lotion on her neck and arms. It is very moisturizing, as if it feels like a protective film, which also consolidates the sunscreen effect. Therefore, she is a doctor at the children’s hospital.When the medicine is prescribed.

  The madman loses his muscles and wins the world. How is the skin state: Xiaoqin is a PhD in economics who is about to graduate. Now he is divided into 8 petals all day, and he is busy defending the graduation thesis.Task . She often works thirty or more hours in a row, stays up late, and there is no need to talk about dark circles. Whoever is busy doing this is not always a look.

However, she thinks that if she loses nothing, she can’t lose her style. She adheres to this idea and has been fascinated by summer makeup for a long time, especially B.

B Frost, she thinks this is the most suitable baby who has no time to take care of it or has a good look for lazy people.

  Appearance: Xiaoqin PhD in Economics is studying Cancer 1.

After getting up late, there is a baby who can save 2 procedures. When she encounters: Xiaoqin is too busy, she must fight every second before going out. If you apply one more step, you may be late for the meeting.

I’m late for a snooze, I wish I could apply a product that can moisturize and sunscreen, and make my complexion look better!

  To deal with it this way: She, a busy person, will always send this MISSHA B when she gets up late.

B cream came out, just because it has sun protection value, and it has a certain touch-up function. If you forget to apply the lotion in anxious situation, you will not feel dry in the afternoon, and there will be no small dry lines around the corners of your eyes.

She suggested warming it with the palm of your hand, applying it like a lotion and then pressing it evenly, and the skin was transparent.

Don’t pretend to see a concealer from the American boss!

  When she encountered: Xiaoqin had no spots on her body, but her skin color was uneven, and the problem of dullness was very serious. When she went to the company to see the American boss, she was always nervous. The Americans always liked to see the staff full of energy. She was distressed for a while.

  To cope with this: Xiaoqin recently fell in love with a friend who bought her a cover queen from Taiwan.B cream, used to cover red bloodshots and fade the cracks of several shells. Everything is covered naturally. It is not artificial, it must be soft, and the ductility is also good. It also has a slight pearly luster, which makes the face shine brightly and attractively.Look is very good.

When traveling, she brought a bottle of all-in-one base makeup parity star when she met: Because the doctor hadn’t graduated yet, Xiaoqin didn’t make much money in the company, so parity is her ultimate goal.

She always hopes to bring a bottle of skin care, concealer and touch-up all-in-one products when traveling, which is not expensive, and it is not painful to lose it.

  This way: Finally, she spent dozens of dollars in the 7-11 supermarket to find this CHINOIS PLUS beauty foundation, which is moisturizing, with skin care ingredients in it, so she does n’t have to worry about peeling in the summer base makeup of this big dry skin;It has a variety of effects. Applying it once, the skin is very transparent, suitable for people without flaws. Applying it twice will have a certain covering power, covering some spot defects. Applying it three times will give skin good skinThe effect of the isolated makeup is also good!

After the night, it makes her look better quickly. When she encounters: it will definitely be bad until she gets up on her face. Xiaoqin often spends American time with the American boss because of her work relationship. She has to rush to school the next day.I really didn’t rest for more than 40 hours, my face was dull.

  This way: At this time, she will always be in foundation or B before going out.

B cream adds a little Vini Style pink girl bright liquid, the end face will be radiant immediately after painting.

Or you can use it alone, brighten the eyebrow bone, outer eye corners, cheekbones, and make the whole face healthy.

  How can the bee family’s sun protection only depend on the sun protection value? Skin status: Yan Yan is a staff member of a bank’s credit card department. She runs outside all day in order to complete the business, and is busy like a hard bee.

In the summer, I am busy collecting honey, and sun protection is the most beautiful topic she loves. Open her bag and take 3 bottles of sun protection with you.

She tries every year’s new products like a white mouse, leaving what is suitable for her and not suitable for friends.

She said that the trend must be a dull summer this summer, and sunscreen is naturally the most intimate and long-lasting refreshing moisturizer!

  Appearance: Yanyan Pufa Bank staff Aquarius 1.

Get the sunscreen that male customers will definitely use. When she encounters: When running a credit card, there will always be some male customers. She said that after reading the “Boutique Shopping Guide”, he said that men like the light plant fragrance on women, so they do n’t need perfume.Work hard on sun protection.

  This is how to deal with it: Many sunscreens this year have paid attention to taste. Like this sunscreen lotion from Julie Como, it is more like a lotion to care for the skin. It also has a fragrant lavender fragrance to make you feel better.Not to mention men.

Skin-friendly vegetable oils are also suitable for sensitive skin, as if it were an aromatherapy spa for the skin.

Sunscreen must be used when there is no time to reapply. When she encounters: Yan Yan runs outside and the client forgets to reapply when she is busy. Her face is always dry, and we always encounter busy forgetting or inconvenient reapplying.time.

  To cope with this: She took out Shiseido Anzao’s new sunscreen this year and started happily. It added a hyaluronic acid moisturizer, which is very suitable for people who often sun exposure and quickly lose moisture on the face. The sunscreen value is not low or even not.Make up in time, the consequences will not be too serious.

According to experience, at least one large bottle of Coke is required for the size of a face. If it feels too thick, you can separate the two halves and apply the other half after 15 minutes, and the sunscreen mask will fit on the body.

She can use the sunscreen around her eyes with ease when she encounters: Everyone must have such a problem, rubbing her eyes accidentally to let the sunscreen run in, her eyes tingling and tears.

  To deal with it like this: Yan Yan found that La Roche-Posay has a new sunscreen specifically for the eye area, the cream is smooth and good, and it is not easy to take off makeup.

She now uses eye cream every day around her eyes and then applies this, even her dark circles have improved a lot.

Whenever she is sensitive, she will definitely use a few days of sun protection. When she encounters: In the summer, she will always have a sunburned condition, the skin will be slightly red, and a small rash will appear.

  How to deal with it: Yanyan strongly recommends this less-familiar Shenghuoquan sunscreen to people with sensitive skin. She said it was bought by a friend from Hong Kong for this sunscreen control. The extremely simple ingredients reduce the sensitive source toLowest, colorless, odorless, high stability, even children can use it with peace of mind.