9 Tips to Let Your Baby Sleep Well

9 Tips to Let Your Baby Sleep Well

[Guide]How to coax a baby to sleep has always been a headache for mothers. If you don’t develop a good sleep pattern when you are young, then your baby will not sleep well when he grows up.

But some babies seem to be born with strong energy, and it’s really hard to coax them to sleep.

  Here are some special tricks to coax sleep.

  Trick one: A baby with a suitable sleeping environment for 3 months can already start training him to sleep early. Generally, do not tease your baby after 8 pm to let the baby enter the sleeping environment in advance. The TV is turned off or turned off.Keep quiet, you can play some light music or sing a lullaby to him.

  Trick two: Differentiate between night and day to use light and sound to promote the formation of the baby’s biological clock. Through the contrast of light and dark, let the baby learn the difference between day and night, awake and asleep.

When the baby should get up in the morning, put the baby in a bright place, it is better to have extra sunlight, give the baby a hug, and wake him up with soft music.

  And at night, before the baby falls asleep, dimming the light in the room. When the baby should sleep, turn off all the lights, leaving a night light.

Keep the door closed so that no noise or noise is transmitted outside the door.

Keep the curtains thick so that no light can penetrate the window.

  Tip: Baby luminous lights, the best choice is blue.

  Trick 3: To cope with the little cry at night and the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. Generally, he hums at the beginning. The mother can ignore him first. If he sleeps in his own bed, he can shake his cradle and tryCoax him to sleep, let the baby gradually learn to resist obesity, learn to endure.

But once he cries and gets angry, it is very likely that the baby is really hungry. You can feed the baby and let him sleep.

Don’t try to coax the baby as soon as it moves, this will cause the baby to be dependent.

Proper “heart and soul” is good for your baby to develop good sleep habits.

  Trick # 4: Urge your baby to sleep regularly Most babies do n’t sleep well because of bad habits. Without a biological clock, they do n’t sleep regularly.

When the baby is younger, parents should let the baby form a biological clock and let them sleep regularly at night to form a habit.

In addition to the acquired sleep habits of each baby, they also have their own physiological rules. Moms and dads should look for the sleeping patterns of their children, and then tailor the baby’s sleep schedule to observe the baby’s wake up at different times.The mental state of the child, and then adjust according to the best state of the baby.

  Trick 5: Limit play time and want your baby to sleep well. You ca n’t make him play crazy during the day or go crazy during the day. He also wants to play at night, and do n’t forget to stroll around when he sleeps at night.

You can play a quieter game with your baby, and give him some boxes, rattles, rubber toys and other small toys, as well as Shushu’s music.

  Trick number six: bath to help sleep Some babies like to sleep after taking a bath.

Usually, at about the same time every night, observe the baby’s mental state. If he feels a little sleepy, you can give him a hot bath, hug him directly after washing, give him some milk, and then turn off the room lights., Lay in bed with him, and pat his back, the baby will soon fall asleep.

  Trick number seven: Don’t take a nap too long Your baby’s nap has a lot to do with the quality of sleep at night.

Nighttime sleep affects siesta. Similarly, too long or too late to sleep is not conducive to falling asleep at night.

Therefore, the baby’s siesta should be controlled regularly and regularly, usually sleeping at noon or early in the afternoon.

For example, start to sleep for half an hour to one hour at noon.

Of course, control is not dogmatic, and the deviation of a baby’s failure to sleep on time is not too big, and it is also possible.

To develop a good sleeping habit, it is also necessary to observe the status of the baby. If he sleeps on time without fatigue or excessive excitement, then this nap habit is suitable for the baby.

  Tip number eight: Follow the bedtime routine every day to arrange a whole bedtime process, which is also very helpful to your baby’s regular sleep habits.

Through a programmed sleeping method, the baby gradually understands that it is time to go to bed after doing all this, which is a pre-sleep ritual for him.

  This process includes brushing your teeth, washing your face, bathing, touching, and wearing pajamas. It can be done an hour before your baby goes to bed.

During this hour, let your baby stop over-excited activities, stop seeing outsiders, and keep the room quiet and dim.

After changing your baby, you can read a book and tell a story to him, or you can let him listen to the tape. This can not only promote sleep, but also be good for your baby’s mental development.

The process of going to bed is not only to make your baby sleep well, but also the bond of love between parents.