100 health tips, you deserve to collect


100 health tips, you deserve to collect

1, green tea can prevent liver disease.

2, fat sea tea should not be involved for a long time.

3, colds should not drink Kudingcha.

4, those with high cholesterol eat less salmon.

5, jellyfish skin can relieve high blood pressure.

6, too much meat is harmful to the body.

7, should not drink bone soup at the beginning of the fracture.

8, often drink soy milk is good for health.

9, soy milk should not be mixed with brown sugar eggs.

10, white wine should not replace cooking wine to cook.

11, deep breathing may be detrimental to the health of the elderly.

12, the elderly morning training should be advanced food.

13, drink a cup of milk after exercise.

14, drink plenty of water to prevent kidney stones.

15, adequate sleep is good for health.

16, poor mood can lead to stomach problems.

17, mobile phone film may hurt your eyes.

18, employees should not eat lunch at the office.

19, a nap helps prevent coronary heart disease.

20, it is not advisable to use boiling water to decoct.

21, medication should not be added sugar.

22, can not be disinfected with 95% alcohol.

23, sunshine is only three hours a day to be considered a healthy home.

24, broken tile radiation toughness.

25, the bedroom window is left to help sleep.

26, it is not advisable to open the window in the morning.

27, hot water bags are healthier than electric blankets.

28, it is not advisable to use plastic bags to preserve fruits and vegetables.

29, chopsticks are best changed once every six months.

30, bleeding gums should replace the toothbrush as soon as possible.

31, correct brushing is more important than choosing toothpaste.

32, it is not advisable to get up immediately when you get up.

33, the sun quilt can not be beaten.

34, fasting should not drink honey.

35, drink honey to hangover.

36, drink salt water and drink honey late.

37, vegetarian is more suitable for Chinese.

38, kelp can prevent high blood pressure. 39, cold water wash face benefits.
40, brushing teeth should use warm water.
41, hot feet should be used for washing your feet.
42, cold feet are easy to catch a cold.
43. Chewing food can prevent brain aging.
44. Sun exposure in the morning is good for winter health.
45, Aojilang legs will affect health.
46, wearing a hat should not be too tight.
47, often combing hair is good for health.
48, a long smile is good for health.
49. Tolerating tears is equal to chronic suicide.
50, bite the teeth when urinating is healthy.
51, can not pout when sneezing.
52, a glass of water in the morning is very important.
53. Boiled water can not be drunk for more than three days.
54. It is best to drink yogurt two hours after dinner.
55, should not drink yogurt on an empty stomach.
56, after drinking milk, it is best to drink boiled water.
57. A cup of coffee a day has many benefits.
58. Coffee should be hot.
59, drinking coffee after drinking is prone to high blood pressure.
60, drinking afternoon tea is beneficial to enhance memory, do not use a mug to drink tea.
61, winter health should eat more hot porridge.
62, the number of bathing in winter should not be more.
63, winter is not suitable for long-term expectations in a warm room.
64, winter should not stay in the fog for a long time.
65. It is not advisable to use a scarf as a mask in winter.
66, it is not appropriate to wash your hair in the winter morning.
67. Warming up before fitness is very important.
68, sports injuries should be ‘cold’ treatment.
69, walking the right amount can make the brain younger.
70. Walking is most beneficial to the health of middle-aged and elderly people.
71, eating seafood should not drink beer.
72. Eating fish can keep blood vessels young.
73, fishbone card throat is not suitable for vinegar treatment.
74, meals should not be “hot”.
75, eat more black food can kidney.
76, eat more corn benefits.
77, should not eat open sugar fried millet millet.
78, stew chicken soup do not put salt first. 79, it is not advisable to eat eggs when you have a fever.
80, tea eggs should not be eaten.
81, steamed bread is more beneficial to zinc than rice.
82, porridge and cooking can not put alkali.
83, the nutrition of the scorpion is comprehensive.
84. Eating grapes is good for protecting the liver.
85. Eating strawberries helps prevent radiation.
86, sugar cane is called ‘heavy blood fruit’.
87, eat more walnuts to benefit the heart.
88. Peanut has anti-aging effect.
89, often eat peanuts can prevent gallstones.
90, often eat raw peanuts can alleviate stomach problems.
91, vinegar soaked peanuts can soften blood vessels.
92, watermelon should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.
93, kidney disease should not eat carambola.
94, bananas are cheap diet pills.
95, pineapple can protect the stomach.
96, mango health care role.
97, rotten fruit is not bad, it is also poisonous.
98, fruit is not as nutritious as vegetables.
99, apple nutrition is comprehensive.
100, apple can lower blood pressure.