What should I do if I have an ovarian cyst during pregnancy?


Can children still want it?

What should I do if I have an ovarian cyst during pregnancy?
Can children still want it?

Ovarian cysts are common diseases in women. Because their symptoms are not particularly obvious, many female friends do not know that they have ovarian cysts.

Many of them are already pregnant. When they go to the hospital for examination, they know that they have ovarian cysts. In this case, can children still have it?

What should I pay attention to?

Today we’ll find out.

Can children with ovarian cysts during pregnancy still have it?

1, the first thing to say is that women with ovarian cysts can be pregnant, ovarian cysts are a type of ovarian tumors.

We know that the ovary is the place where the egg develops and matures and is finally discharged. Therefore, when the ovary is damaged, it is implanted to have a certain influence.

2, for the emergence of smaller cysts will not affect pregnancy, but for a slightly larger cyst will be because of the cyst because of faster growth, blood transport and egg drop may occur in the case, then the patientThere have been cases of acute and chronic torsion.

3, the last thing to say is that for those patients with large cysts, it is recommended to remove the cysts by surgery, and then choose pregnancy, so that the impact on pregnancy is small, not because of the growth of cysts, the fetusCaused by it.

What about ovarian cysts during pregnancy?

1, ovarian cysts are generally diagnosed in the early diagnosis of pregnancy, found that about 12% of early pregnancy is a flavin cyst, sometimes can reach 8?
10 cm, the performance is cystic, can be active, occurs, no pain.

It usually disappears within 3 months, and it will not be reviewed after three months.

2, when there is an ovarian cyst, you should do B-ultrasound, help to determine the nature of the tumor, and further confirm the diagnosis.

3, if it is a pathological tumor, such as chocolate cysts, teratomas, serous cystadenoma, etc., found in early pregnancy, review again after three months.

If it is a tumor found only three months later, there are more than 5 cm, can be 18 in pregnancy?
Surgical resection at 20 weeks, because the placenta formed at this time, has gradually entered the medium-term stability, can withstand the blow of surgery.

Preliminary attention should be paid to rest and miscarriage treatment.

4, if the ovarian cyst is not large, do not interfere with the growth of the uterus, you can wait for postpartum resection.

If pedicle torsion and rupture occur, surgery should be performed at any time.

If malignant changes, surgery should be performed immediately.

5, when the third trimester, the ovarian tumor in the lower part of the uterus, affecting the fetal head into the basin, should decisively determine the cesarean section.

At the same time as cesarean section, the ovarian tissue on both sides should be carefully explored and the ovarian mass should be removed.

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