Top 10 eye care to apply eye mask can not be applied daily

Top 10 eye care to apply eye mask can not be applied daily

First, the skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned before applying the eye mask. Regardless of the makeup on the eyes, it is very necessary to thoroughly clean the skin. The skin care step of makeup remover must not be skipped.

  Second, whether to hide the eye mask is a convenient disposable eye mask or a fun homemade eye mask. Bingbing eye mask will make puffy eyes absolutely soothing.

  Third, before applying the eye mask, before applying the eye mask, it is best to apply a hot towel to the eye, so that when the ice eye mask is applied, it will be more ideal for eye circulation.

  Fourth, apply the eye mask to the sense of direction. For cloth-type eye masks, apply from the eye to the end of the eye, and milky eye masks must also be applied from the eye to the end of the eye, never back and forthPainted.

  Fifth, the position of the eye mask should be precise. Where is the eye mask applied?

The best recommended distance is 3 mm below the eyes, and only for the lower and lower eyes.

Because the skin on the upper eye is thinner, the ability to absorb nutrients is limited.

If you want to apply to the upper eye, it is limited to fight against eye swelling.

  6. The time for applying the eye mask depends on the different requirements of each type of eye mask, but it should not be applied for too long, otherwise it may be counterproductive.

  7. Eye cream is an intimate partner of the eye mask. It is not that applying the eye mask is enough. Be sure to apply the eye cream after applying the eye mask.The skin on the lower eye area will feel tight, but it will cause fine lines.

  Eight, the best time to apply eye mask a.
One week after the physiological cycle-the estrogen secretion in the body is strong, and this is the most effective.
In the bath-speed up the cycle c by the heat.
Before going to bed-let the nutrients play a role while you are sleeping. The eye mask cannot be applied daily. If applied daily, it will grow fat particles!

In addition, you can’t sleep with the eye mask, otherwise, once all the essence in the eye mask has evaporated, it will take away the moisture from the skin.

  Ten, the multiple effects of the eye mask, the expression lines on your forehead, small fine lines in the corners of the eyes, dry lines can not escape its magic.