7 ways to eliminate blackheads


7 ways to eliminate blackheads

The relationship between blackheads and noseheads is like the seeds and the land. Noseheads rarely have blackheads, except for some happy people, so all our wisdom and wisdom are used in the battle against blackheads, so the experience and lessons are in dispute.

  First, use a tear mask and a nose patch.

  Advantages: The torn nose patch is naturally very refreshing, and the tear mask can be more powerful. These tears can tear out a lot of dirty things. Disadvantages: But soon after returning, the pores are more and more torn.

  Second, wash your face with salt, rub the fine salt in the palm of your hand, and apply it to your nose and chin. Be careful not to put too much water, it will flow everywhere.

  Advantages: Not bad, there will be a smooth feeling of dead skin.

  Disadvantages: gently massage, there will be tingling pain, but can not be used too alternately, otherwise the face will be very peeling.

  Third, the beauty salon professional picks pick acne needles, and some suck like instruments with small suction cups.

  Advantages: quick results, significant effects.

  Cons: It hurts!

After picking a red nose, and picking it every other time, it is very troublesome.

  Fourth, the “baby oil” massage method (recommended for dry skin) advantages: a fine massage, one half a hour can be pressed out, very fulfilling.

  Disadvantages: But it is too greasy to wash, and it is easy to block pores and cause a lot of redness.

  Fifth, fine skin essence + blackhead derived liquid + fine skin cleanser Advantages: According to the instructions, do not wash your face before massaging, only a few minutes to feel the particles come out.

Then wash your face with a cleansing milk, which is dewy and cool, not bad.

Then re-toner and rub the essence in T zone.

  Disadvantages: The skin is resistant to drugs. It is okay at the beginning. It has no effect for a long time, and depending on the skin type, some people have no effect.

  Sixth, the advantages of using a blackhead suction machine: professional blackhead removal tools, more thorough.

  Disadvantages: It is difficult to operate, but it is easy to open the pores, and it can be used for mild blackheads, and it is used for killing chicken gizzards.

  This is a blackhead suction by Panasonic. There are two levels of suction power. I always hear JMS saying that Watson’s is not easy to sell. This one is still very useful. Generally I suck it once a month, and twice a month in the summer. Every time I take a bath.When the pores are open, I suck.

There is also a water spray hole on the top. It can spray very fine water droplets. The pores will not become larger after each spray.

  7. Remove the black film from the egg film and apply the film on the eggshell to the nose, flatten it, and then dry it with a small hair dryer, and then take it off tightly.

This is very OK!

Adhering to the previous, not only removes blackheads, but also shrinks pores.

  Advantages: convenient, simple and low cost.

  Disadvantages: Although it is very hot on the altar, there are no successful examples and it is not convincing.

Blackheads are indeed a very annoying thing. They follow you deadly, and you can’t get rid of them. There are only repeated defeats, repeated defeats, and the joy of life.