Decrypting baby attachment comforter

Decrypting baby attachment comforter

Comforters are things that babies use to make them feel safer and happier. Baby attachments to comforters are common, and they basically occur in infancy. Some parents are confused by this paranoia and even worry about whether the babySomething went wrong.

In fact, this is not morbid, but a reflection of the physical and psychological characteristics of infants and young children.

  The baby’s nervous system is relatively fragile, prone to mild disturbances and imbalances (phased), which causes the baby to be nervous and feel unsafe, so he puts the mental relief on a placebo or other masturbation behavior (such as biting a nail, Sucking fingers).

Comforting objects help the baby to adapt to the process of separation from his mother, overcome the anxiety, make him feel calm and relaxed, and feel safe; if the comforter is gone, he will be nervous, irritable, and feel unsafe.

  Baby fetishism is common. For example, some babies are particularly fond of toy bears, whispering to bears like friends, and treating bears as family members.

This is inexplicable to adults, but it is a matter of course for babies, because this is a very normal psychological state of babies.

Babies have a certain kind of adult’s psychological characteristics, which is “anthropomorphic”, with the height of animism. In their eyes, everything in the world is like life and emotions, so the baby is particularly imaginative.He would say, “Don’t hold the flowers, the flowers will hurt.”

Not only do parents need to correct this, they should also adapt to the baby and gradually develop the imagination of the baby.

  Babies have different degrees of attachment to the placebo. The mild height is not too stubborn, and it is easier to transfer. It does not rely on the placebo in particular, and it does not depend on the placebo for a long time.

Severe severe is very dependent, over-persistent, nerves are particularly nervous without a placebo, and can not lead a normal life.

  Of course, not all babies are the same. There are individual differences in the physical and psychological characteristics of babies. Some have a strong nervous system and some have a weak type.

First of all, attachment is more serious, mostly occurs in babies with weak nervous systems.

  If this happens to the baby ‘s parents, do n’t worry, because this situation is normal and it ‘s periodic. Generally it wo n’t affect the baby ‘s mental health. When the baby grows up, the nervous system will gradually strengthen and attachment comfortThe behavior of things will gradually disappear.

A senior person said: My relatives’ babies also had their own comforters when they were young. They were all girls. Lingling’s comforters were fluffy bears, and a towel was used to accompany them to grow up.

Later, Yangyang’s towels became shabby and the bright colors were gone. Lingling’s fluffy bear’s fluff had fallen out, but they still regarded them as treasures and refused to change to new ones.Suddenly realized that they were not accompanied by a comforter around them, only then realized: “She is grown up!

“It seems that their parents did not force their babies to leave the comforter, throw away their shabby comforters rudely, and did not think that the baby caused a problematic treatment. It is very wise.

Now Lingling has graduated from elementary school, has excellent studies and strong interpersonal skills; Yangyang has entered the second year of college and is an active organizer of school activities. They have not produced a sense of social discomfort at all.

  Expert advice to guide in response to the above situation, here I provide some reference opinions: Do not force the recovery of the baby’s comforter.

This will aggravate the baby’s nervous tension and is not good for the baby’s mental health.

But make sure that the comforter is clean and safe.

  Don’t lower the truth to your baby.

Because this is a subconscious behavior, which is difficult for the baby to control, and has nothing to do with understanding the truth, but preaching will strengthen the baby’s attachment to the comforter.

  If the baby is too attached to the comforter, it can help the baby gradually reduce attachment. For example, find a way to transfer the baby’s attachment object, and use the interest transfer method to let the baby “empathy and not love.”.
  Some comforts are not good for your baby’s body and heart, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Such as baby bottles, fingers, family, monkeys eating hands, etc.

  Finally, parents are reminded to understand the physical and psychological characteristics of the baby through this superficial phenomenon, not only to passively respond to the baby’s needs, but also to actively exercise the baby, causing the baby to change from weak to strong.

Therefore, it is necessary to implement an active family parenting style, change over-protection and excessive parent-child attachment, reduce the replacement of the baby, enhance the baby’s psychological endurance, and exercise the baby’s independence.Conducive to the healthy development of the baby’s personality.